MONONA COUNTY, Iowa (KCAU) — The Monona County Fair wrapped up Sunday and attendees made sure to catch one of the last spectacles the fair had to offer.

The Monona County Fair Parade marks the end of another successful week of shows, competitions, and 4-H exhibits. 

People who watched the parade pass by were treated to handfuls of candy and treats as firetrucks, motorbikes, and singing choirs were also part of the parade. 

Some fairgoers made sure to take time out of their Sunday for a day with the family. 

“Oh, that’s the main reason. We wanted to bring our grandkids out today. Her folks were busy and couldn’t come, so we decided we’d bring them. They’re gonna have a real good participation, it looks like this year so I’m glad. And the fair also has been doing well, so hopefully these small county fairs can continue, I hope,” said fair attendee, Dave Madsen. 

The Fair Board Vice President, Curtis Sturgill, noticed a larger crowd this year compared to the last two years which only makes planning next year’s fair more immediate. 

“Today’s our final day, but essentially we start planning tomorrow for next year’s fair, so the times never really off and you’d got to keep making it better for everybody to have more fun year after year. After COVID year, we’ve seen a resurgence here back at the fairgrounds with people, whether it’s their time, their money, or just showing up to support our events and it’s been great,” said Sturgill. 

To kick off the final day of the fair, an outdoor worship service was held before the parade.