University of Iowa student Mollie Tibbetts is still missing after four weeks. 

Investigators are now focused on five areas in their search.

Lauren Donovan takes a look at each of those areas. 

“The authorities now are being much more specific in what we should be looking for,”  said Rob Tibbets, Mollies father.

Rob Tibbetts is talking about five locations linked to the disappearance of his daughter, says investigators.

Visiting Brooklyn, we took a look at each, starting here at interstate 80, the T-A Truckstop.

This major hub for travelers never seems still and sits just a couple miles from town.

Driving into town from the truckstop, just behind the first intersection is the D&M Carwash. 

It’s quiet and sits at the foot of a residential area. 

Neighbors say they think investigators have highlighted it, in part, because of its surveillance cameras, one of the few in town.

Investigator Mitch Mortvedt, said at a press conference before, “Unexpected or intensive cleaning of a vehicle, possibly at an unusual time of day or night.”

A DCI team was seen canvassing homes behind it.

Then there’s 385 Avenue, a familiar spot, the home of Tibbits’ boyfriend Dalton Jack, and where she was dog-sitting the day she disappeared. 

The fourth and fifth locations can be reached by gravel roads. 

One is east of town marked by rolling hills. The other can be reached by driving south past the interstate, an intersection marked with abandoned buildings and cornfields. 

Investigators say it is not related to the hog farm they searched weeks ago. 

Crime Stoppers of Central Iowa says a reward fund has grown to more than $385,000.

A new website that launched earlier this week has generated hundreds of tips. is asking people who may have been in any of the five areas back on July 18 to recall what they saw.