SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Those who braved the cold and participated in this year’s Turkey Trot at the Adams Homestead and Nature Preserve started their run or walk with a balmy temperature of just 18 degrees with a real feel temp in the single digits because of the wind.

But David Romo, who directed this event since 2013, said Thursday’s weather wasn’t the worst he’s seen on Thanksgiving morning.

“We’ve seen ice, snow, blistering cold winds and people have still come out and done this,” said Romo and while most communities have a race involved with their trot, Romo said everyone is free to go their own pace.

“People are busy especially on Thanksgiving. Some people have to run out of town or get to cooking so what they’ll do is come out, they’ll hit the trails, they’ll choose their own distance. They can walk, run, bring their dogs, whatever, get together with friends and family and just enjoy their time out here,” said Romo.

Romo said the real reason he and others help put this on every year is the “giving” part of the holiday.

“It’s not like a traditional type of race where you’re paying a monetary fee to get in. With this one, you’re actually donating non-perishable food items and then what we’ll do is we’ll turn around and take that to the Siouxland Community Action Agency for their George J. Williams Food Bank so it’s a way to give back to the community and what better day to do it than on Thanksgiving,” said Romo.

Romo said for some people who ran today, it’s their first time at Adams Homestead checking out the trails and the wild turkeys it has to offer.