SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — The Missouri River Historical Development (MRHD) will open its online application for its 30th round of Target Grants on February 27.

In this round of grants, previously called the micro or spring grants, the maximum value of the grant is $25,000 and the organization hopes to award $500,000 in grants. Faith groups, non-profits, agencies, and organizations are welcome to apply for the grant.

Grants are intended to help organizations in areas such as economic development, community improvement, tourism, leisure, health and human services, and education.

Organizations that have already received a grant during the calendar year may not apply. In addition, an organization with two open grants from MRHD cannot apply until one of their grants has ended.

The application process will be open from February 27 through March 27, with applications due on April 17. Organizations will need to present proof of their non-profit status to receive an application and government organizations will need to submit a letter from their chief operating officer denoting approval from their board to apply for the grant.

A grant committee will review the grant applications and make a recommendation to the MRHD Board for approval of the grants. All grants will be announced on May 24 at the Betty Strong Encounter Center.

The MRHD was created in 1989 when voters approved of a referendum to support the creation of riverboat gaming. Since that time voters have twice reapproved the program, with both votes passing by a three-quarters margin.

The annual Target Grants have awarded over $7.2 million to help fund projects in Woodbury and the surrounding counties. Overall MRHD has awarded $47 million in grants including grants to build the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center and BSEC.