Missing WWII pilot and plane finally found

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A family in Nebraska is getting closure on a relative they lost in World War II.

He died in a plane crash in the Pacific, but it was unclear where exactly the aircraft and his remains were, but the plane was recently located.

Pictures are the only memories Jake McFadden has of his uncle Joe.

His uncle’s B-24 went down in the Pacific during World War II with all crewman listed as killed in action.

It’s been 74 years of unanswered questions.

“They never did receive any remains or anything,” said McFadden.

But he received some news in April from an email about his uncle’s lost plane.

“At first i thought what kind of hoax could it be,” McFadden said. 

But it wasn’t a hoax.

“I started to do some research and everything started coming together,” said McFadden.

The non-profit organization “Project Recover” had located his uncle’s plane in New Guinea, contacting relatives of those on board.

McFadden said, “From there it’s just been a remarkable thing to research and find more stuff out and everything and even though my dad and grandparents are gone now, and they had those answers.”

“Project Recover” plans to release a video of the plane in the coming days.

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