SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — The Miracle League of Sioux City received a generous donation Sunday.

Members from the seventh annual “Ride for the Kids” fundraiser presented a $25,000 check to the Miracle League.

The fundraiser took place last Saturday at the Ickey Nickel bar with a silent auction, live auction, food, and live music.

Each year, the Ride for the Kids fundraiser selects a different non-profit in Sioux City to represent.

Miracle League Director Haley Meacham said she couldn’t be more grateful.

“I am just in shock, to be honest, I knew, because I was out there the day of the fundraiser, and it was busy from the get-go. I was like holy moly there’s all these people coming in and I, I’m still kind of just stunned by this,” Meacham said.

The founder of Ride for the Kids, Danny Myers, said this year’s fundraiser went above and beyond his expectations.

“Sunday morning, I woke up because I was still kind of amped up from all the, you know, everything. And so I started counting the money, and I counted it probably three times just to make sure, because I’m like, “Wow did we, you know, did we really do this?” You know? I never thought, I never thought it would get this big,” Myers said.

Myers’s daughter also helped fundraise through lemonade sales this year, and she came away with a large amount of money to donate.

“Well, I did a couple of lemonade sales and maybe raised over $1,300, maybe,” she said.

Myers also says the fundraiser raised $4,600 in its first year. And this year, money raised from registration alone surpassed that amount by nearly $1,000.