SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – For baseball players big and small the summer season is just getting started. But for one group of players, the end of the season is already getting attention. It’s because this year’s Miracle League All-Star game will be playing in Sioux City.

“You can’t even see the seams,” notes Kevin Negaard. On most days, you can find Sioux City Miracle League President Kevin Negaard at the park.

This week he’s showing off the spacious facility that provides recreational opportunities for children and adults with disabilities to national leaders from Miracle League. “It’s a little bit humbling and I think it’s indicative of Siouxland and the people we have,” said Kevin Negaard of Sioux City Miracle league.

Negaard is knee-deep in preparations for the 2019 Miracle League All Star Celebration in Sioux City September 6-8. “This complex really is a showcase for the Miracle League on a national level.  All we have here is a destination. The community of Sioux City has come together tremendously to be able to bring these people in and to have the manpower to put on this weekend event,” said Stephanie Davis from the Miracle League national office.

Findley, Ohio welcomed players from 30 states last year for the first all-star game after flood waters forced organizers in Houston, Texas to delay events there. “Traveling up here yesterday and seeing the water with the river here our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who’s affected because we’ve lived that through Harvey.  Our theme in Houston is sports for all so its an opportunity for families to come and enjoy and this is top-notch,” said Scott Harper of the Greater Houston YMCA.

Just like in the big leagues, playing in the All Star game will be a bid deal for Miracle League participants. Davis says it’s another reason this year’s all-star weekend is headed to Sioux City.

“We have 305 Miracle Leagues across the country.  We’re averaging about 3 new members a month which means 3 new communities are joining our association to build what we have here in Sioux City,” added Davis.