LE MARS, Iowa (KCAU) — With the week being National Agriculture Week, Iowa’s Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig made a stop in Siouxland.

He visited Le Mars for the Chamber of Commerce Luncheon. Area farmers, leaders and FFA students attended the luncheon to hear from many ag leaders including Naig who spoke on the upcoming Farm Bill and his work on expanding Iowa’s ag exports to countries like the Vietnam and the Philippines.

KCAU 9 had a chance to talk with the secretary about the upcoming Farm Bill.

“The nutrition title is 80+ percent of the farm bill and that’s important. How do we help families in need and yet and I think you’re gonna hear a conversation ‘well what are the work requirements around that for able bodied folks who can work and yet still be involved receiving some benefits’. That’s a safety net as well so really this is a farm and food bill and we got to keep our eyes on both ends of the spectrum. The production and of course the consumer at the end,” said Naig.

As part of the event, Mark Loutsch of Oyens, Iowa was given the Outstanding Service to Agriculture Award and Brandon Gengler of the Le Mars FFA received an agriculture scholarship.