Mike Huckabee’s wife hosts meet and greet at Sioux City gun range

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Mike Huckabee’s wife is in northwest Iowa campaigning for the former governor. 
Janet Huckabee hosted a meet and greet at a local indoor shooting range and expressed her reaction to President Obama’s executive action gun plan. 
As Janet Huckabee was in Sioux City brushing up on her shooting skills, she made it known that it was important to her as a concealed carry license holder. 
The former governors’ wife hosted the meet and greet at Yards Indoor Shooting Range and says that she and her husband make efforts to reach voters in person, not just through campaign ads and social media. Huckabee also expressed her opinions on President Obama’s executive plan for gun control.  
“I just really don’t see anything that he did with those executive orders really has a baring on the existing gun owners, it made them mad. I think all he really did was increase gun sales and ammo sales…we already have background check. Every time I buy a gun, they check,” Huckabee.
Huckabee says mental health should be a main focus, not making gun laws harder for law abiding citizens. 
She plans to visit Council Bluff, Storm Lake and Pocahontas to wrap up her visit in northwest Iowa and says people want the president to be someone with experience and her husband, Mike Huckabee, has a track record to prove he’s the right one for the job. 

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