SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – The Midtown Family Community Center food pantry on the corner of 14th and Nebraska in Sioux City currently serves about 5,000 people every month,  providing free food to struggling families.

“It helps me out because I’m not getting any kind of assistance right now so it’s helping me out. A lot of people out there are not getting assistance, and it’s helping them out,” said Dawn Ellington a Sioux City resident.

For years, the food pantry has served the community by using the building free of charge, but with new owners taking over, the center could have to close in just a few weeks. However, the nonprofit is hoping the community will step in to help. 

“If we can come up with the money for the next three months for the utilities, they’re willing to let us stay here and pay the utilities,” said Coordinator Janet Reynolds. 

But that would just be a short term solution. The Midtown food pantry will need to find a new building but say this location is a prime area for Siouxlanders who need assistance.

“The Food Bank of Siouxland delivers approximately 6,000 pounds twice a month to the Midtown Family Center. It is in a central location that removes the barrier of transportation that helps us serves those people that we would otherwise not be able to serve,” said Jake Wanderscheid with the Food Bank of Siouxland.

The center hopes to find a new home close to their current location in Midtown so that they can continue to provide the food pantry services, Saturday meals, and clothing items.

“There is nowhere else that feeds on the weekend so you know that is a concern too. My biggest concern is that we’re not going to be able to help feed people, we’re not going to be able to continue to give someone their basic need. I went to bed hungry as a child. I know what it’s like to wake up hungry, and I don’t want that and I know that we can continue to do what we do here, but we need the communities to help,” said Reynolds.

Right now, Reynolds is asking for donations to fund utilities for the next three months, but she really hopes that someone is able to help the non-profit organization find a new building so that they are able to continue to feed the community. 

If you would like to make a monetary donation to Midtown Family Community Center, it can be sent or dropped off at 525 14th Street and Nebraska in Sioux City. 

KCAU 9 reached out to the Family Wellness Associates Inc., the new building owners to Midtown Family Community Center.

They said the entire building is being renovated into a rehab center offering several unique programs. The business owners also say they hope to come to an agreement that is best for everyone. 

“Trying to reach negotiations with each of those agencies, that’s going to be favorable for all across the board, and we understand that these are critical resources that the community needs to be able to tap into which is why we are coming back and having negotiations with them,” said Kelsey Sigler with the Family Wellness Association. 

Sigler says she’s optimistic that if the pantry can pay its own utilities, a workable arrangement will be found.

Below is a list of organization around Siouxland that provide assistance to those in need.

Central/North/West Side Sioux City:

Monday-Friday 9-10:30am:    

Gospel Mission, 500 Bluff St, Sioux City, call 255-1769 

Second Friday 5-6pm, and last Thurs. 10-Noon:

Midtown Family Community Center, 524 14th St, Sioux City, call 258-2470

Last Paired Tuesday & Wednesday of each month, Tue. 1-3pm & Wed. 10am-12pm:

First Evangelical Free Church, 401 9th St, Sioux City, call 255-7239

Monday 10am-12pm (Noon):

St. Thomas Episcopal Church, 12th & Douglas, Sioux City, call 258-0141         

Third Thursday 5:30-6:30pm, please call for information:

Radiant Life Church, 2410 W. 1st St, Sioux City, call 259-3090

Wednesday 9am-12pm (Noon):

First Lutheran Church, 3939 Cheyenne Blvd, Sioux City, call 239-3942

3rd Saturday of the Month 10am-12pm (Noon):

Family Worship Center, 1315 Indian Hills Dr., Sioux City, call 712-258-0270

Monday through Friday, various times daily, please call first:

Salvation Army, 1415 Villa Street, Sioux City, call 712-255-8836

Third Friday 3-4:45pm, please call for information:

Sioux City North High School, 4200 Cheyenne Blvd, Sioux City, call 239-7000; must have a student enrolled at North High or a feeder school.

East Side Sioux City 

Monday-Friday 9am-4pm Woodbury Co. Residents Only & please call first:

Community Action Agency, 2700 Leech Ave, Sioux City, call 274-1610

Friday 9am-Noon:

Redeemer Lutheran Church, 3204 S Lakeport, Sioux City, call 276-1125

Monday & Wednesday 9am-12pm (Noon):

Grace UMC, 1735 Morningside Ave, Sioux City, call 276-3452

First Monday Monthly 9am-11am & Every Thurs. 4-6pm:

Sonshine Food Pantry, 2901 Leech Ave, Sioux City, call 276-3395

Wednesday 10am-12pm (noon):

Morningside Lutheran Church, 700 Martha St, Sioux City, call 276-2511

Wednesdays, Appointments Necessary

Southern Hills Baptist Church, call 712-223-2286

Sunday 12pm-2pm:

Word of Life, 1478 Buchanan Ave, Sioux City, call 712-258-0405

South Side/South Sioux City

Tuesday-Friday 9-11:30am:

First Lutheran Church, 3601 Dakota Ave, SSC NE, call 402-494-5461

Monday-Friday 9am-4pm, Dakota Co. Residents only & please call first:

N.E. Neb. Comm. Action Agency, 2120 Dakota Ave, SSC NE, call 402-494-8312

3rd Saturday 8-11am & following Tuesday 4-5:30pm, Sgt. Bluff school district only:

Helping Hands, 903 Topaz Dr, Sgt Bluff (Community Center)