Mercy Medical teaches everyday people to respond to trauma

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They say it’s like the equivalent of CPR training back in the 70’s. In today’s world of shootings and mass casualty situations, immediate trauma care is vital for – not just doctors – but everyday people to learn.

That’s why a team from Mercy Medical Center is teaching life-saving skills as part of a class called ‘Stop the Bleed’. 

Monday evening, at Mercy Medical Center, people could learn, for free, how to respond in a trauma situation. They learned how to make tourniquets and do wound-packing. Those steps, that anyone can learn, can truly be the difference between life and death.

Barb Eveleth, Mercy Medical Center, says, “They learn how to put on a tourniquet – on themselves and on someone else – when it’s applicable to use a tourniquet and how to use it correctly, and we also show them how to pack a wound and to apply pressure to a wound to stop bleeding.”

A team from Mercy is going to schools, churches, and businesses to do this same training.


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