SPIRIT LAKE, Iowa (KCAU) — Lawyers for a man charged with first-degree murder in Dickinson County, Iowa, are asking the court to delay proceedings so that the suspect can undergo a mental competency evaluation.

Christian Goyne-Yarns, 25, of Spirit Lake, is accused of killing Shelby Lynn Woizeschke, 24, after a February 3 shooting. His trial is scheduled to take place on August 16.

Goyne-Yarn’s lawyers stated in the Monday filing that they believe his “current mental condition makes it impossible for him to effectively assist in his own defense.” They added that they are working to find an expert to conduct a psychiatric competency evaluation, which could take months to complete.

A speedy trial for Goyne-Yarns has been waived, and his lawyers are asking to delay proceedings until the court can hold a hearing.

The state responded to the Goyne-Yarns’ lawyers’ motion and asked the court to not delay proceedings until there is more evidence that can support probable cause.

Goyne-Yarns allegedly shot Woizeschke twice in the parking lot of Grape Tree Medical Staffing on the morning of February 3. Officials said Woizeschke called 911 and identified Goyne-Yarns as the shooter. She was found with multiple gunshot wounds and flown to a Sioux Falls hospital where she died three days later.

The Iowa Department of Criminal Investigation had said that the two had a prior relationship.