SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU)– Monday marks the first day of Spring. However, towing companies continue to deal with this year’s snowbound vehicles.

Vehicles left on the street or city right aways for more than 24 hours are considered by law enforcement abandoned.

“If a citizen calls it in, we get a complaint on it, we’ll go out there check on the vehicle, make sure it’s not stolen, and we’ll put a tow tag on it, usually consisting of 48 hours, and after 48 hours we’ll go check on it. And if it’s hasn’t been moved, they’ll be impounded,” said Joe Mousel, code enforcement officer with the Sioux City Police Department (SCPD).

On average, SCPD has roughly 20 vehicles towed in a month.

“Vehicles come to the yard for lots of various reasons. I mean some of them are towed for abandoned, some of them people are arrested, some of them the vehicles are in accidents,” said Jeff Day, manager of Meier Towing Inc.

Weather also plays an important role on how many cars are towed a month.

“There is a little bit addition of to what we would normally have due to the towing of the vehicles that were plowed in and such over the winter,” said Day.

At this time, Meier Towing has between 100 and 150 cars in their lot.

“In a month we probably bring in vehicles that actually come into the yard I would say is probably in the neighborhood of like 70 to 80 vehicles. Then many of those you know get picked up for one reason or another,” said Day.

After a motor vehicle is impounded, the owner has 30 days to claim their car.

“Owners are notified and they got so long to pick it up, and if vehicles aren’t picked up then they go on the auction,” said Mousel.

Once a car is impounded, it has between 45 to 60 days before it’s eligible to be auctioned off.

On Saturday, March 25, Meier Towing will be hosting an auction for roughly 60 vehicles that were never claimed.

“This is right up there with one of the larger sales that we’ve had. Usually we are holding six different auctions in a year, and we will usually sell somewhere between 30 to 50 vehicles every auction,” said Day.

To report an abandoned vehicle in your neighborhood, call the Sioux City Police’s non-emergency phone number (712) 279-6960.