SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – MedPharm Iowa in Sioux City is the only medical cannabis dispensary in Siouxland.

“We’ll have patients drive from two to three hours away just to get products,” Dispensary Manager Stephen Wilson said.

That’s why the manufacturer says expanding their reach in northwest Iowa is crucial.

“We could potentially see some efforts on that front to allow for delivery of products to patients either in rural areas, or patients who are otherwise unable to come into the dispensary,” Wilson said.

With South Dakotans voting to legalize both medical and recreational marijuana, Wilson says MedPharm Iowa could make its way to the Rushmore State.

“We obviously believe very strongly in the types of products that we’re manufacturing as well as the kind of dispensary model that we put in place,” Wilson said.

Despite the possibility of increased competition across the border, Wilson says he’s not concerned.

“It might be several years before we start seeing retail sales in South Dakota. Hopefully, that will give Iowa enough time to get with the program, and start being a little more progressive with our programs here,” Wilson said.