MEDICAL MONDAY: ICE phone contacts

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Medical Monday: ICE phone contacts

In the unfortunate event that something happens to you, who are you going to call?  Or in even worse cases, when you cannot call, who and how would someone trying to help, call?

It all boils down to ICE’s, your ‘In Case of Emergency’ contact numbers in your phone.

Mercy’s Spiritual Care Chaplain, Anna Speiser, contacts those whose loved ones end up at the hospital, or in the ER.

In the event you’re in a serious accident and may be unconscious, Spieser said, phones now, make it easy to access your ICE’s, even if your phone is locked.

The IPhone also has something called the, ‘Health App,’ where it has your information, ICE’s and it is accessible. 

For other phones, Spieser said, just check the app stores for free apps that are similar.

Spieser said, it is also good  now to have some numbers memorized if you are able to tell them, in the event that you are without a phone.

“Lots of people would like that loved one to know, to be able to come to the hospital and provide support  but they might also be able to provide certain medical information that can help us give the best care to the patient and especially if the patient is not speaking for themselves, that’s a chance for us to learn from that loved one anything they would like to share,” said Speiser.

Speiser said, most of the apps out for phones nowadays, actually have a place where you can type in health information.

She also recommends having at least 3 to 4 ICE’s, but in this case, you can really have as much as you want, just to be safe.

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