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Medical Monday: dysphagia

Difficulty moving food and liquid from your mouth to your stomach, is a condition known as ‘Dysphagia’ and it can happen at any age.

Dysphagia is the difficulty swallowing, which can stem from muscles, an abnormality of the esophagus or just inflammation.

If you experience the feeling of swelling, food constantly getting caught in your throat or even problems with the temperature of a foods, see  your primary care physician to be evaluated.

Do not wait too long, Mercy experts say, it is always better to get check out sooner, rather than later.

“A lot of people eventually swallow it down either with some water or something to drink and think, ‘oh it’s not a big deal, I eventually got it down,’ but over time, that will probably progress and if you get seen sooner, you can get treated sooner,” said Jeff Michelak, Mercy Digestive Health Center.

Michelak says, if it progresses, you are are more susceptible to choking and a real serious side effect, could eventually lead to cancer in the esophagus.

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