MEDICAL MONDAY: ‘Diverticulitis’

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Medical Monday: Diverticulitis

Sometimes a stomach ache is not just a stomach ache.

A condition called, ‘Diverticulitis,’ occurs when small pouches that develop in your digestive tract, become inflamed or infected.

Symptoms can include: abdominal pain, nausea or vomiting, cramping in the lower left side of the stomach, constipation and fevers.

Some factors that increase your risk of developing diverticulitis are: aging, obesity, smoking, a lack of exercise and diet high in animal fat and low in fiber, as well as certain medications.

Even though it’s most common in people over the age of 50, it can happen at younger ages.

Often times, it can be treated by oral antibiotics, or for more advanced treatment, a patient may have to be admitted.

“Even in the setting in which it requires a hospitalization, it’s generally shorter, you’re not necessarily in the hospital that whole time and like I said, many people have a mild enough case to where it can be treated as an outpatient,”said Dr. Sara Bligh, Mercy Medical Center.

Dr. Bligh says, ‘Diverticulitis’ does not necessarily lead to colon cancer, but if the inflammation was bad enough, it could create a small hole, which would require surgery.

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