CLIVE, Iowa (KCAU) — A retired trucker and current farmer from Mapleton became the fifth person to claim a prize of at least $1 million this year from the Iowa Lottery.

On Monday night, Daryl Ingram used his winnings from the Saturday night lottery drawing to purchase a handful of easy-pick tickets from KCK’s Food and Fuel in Danbury, Iowa.

Ingram actually learned he won the $1 million prize when he went to collect what he initially believed was $100 of winnings, which would come from matching 4 numbers. However, when he went to collect his prize at the store he was told by the store clerk he actually had matched 5 numbers and had won a prize of $1 million.

“I was pumped up a little bit,” Ingram said. “But she was more excited than me, I think. She said, ‘It’s you! It’s you! It’s you!’”

Ingram’s first call was to his girlfriend who said she initially did not believe him because she thought he was pulling a prank.

A total of four other people have claimed prizes worth more than $1 million this year. Two more $1 million or more lottery tickets are unclaimed, one of which was sold in Ames and the other was sold in Forest City.

KCK’s food and fuel will receive $1,000 for selling the $1 million ticket.