Many Siouxlanders begin processing their own hogs

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LAUREL, Neb. (KCAU) – All across the country and in Siouxland, pork producers now have too many hogs and this comes after many meat processing plants had to halt production due to COVID-19 cases.

“We have a backlog of hogs to the tune of right now we are running about 100,000 per day that should be getting killed that aren’t,” said Cade Sohler, owner of The Laurel Sales Company.

At the same time, many grocery stores are now limiting the amount of meat people can purchase and the price per pound continues to increase, so the community of Laurel decided to help each other out.

“The product is moving. The product is there. The product is good. We just have to get it to the consumer and we are just trying different avenues right now,” said Sohler.

As the owner of The Laurel Sales Company, he has been working with hog producers to sell them right to consumers.

“The producers have been instrumental because they have been willing to sell them at a price point that puts it in reach of a lot of people who wouldn’t normally be able to take on a whole hog themselves. So it has been good for the community. You see groups of guys hanging around butchering a hog getting together and producers are happy to see the hogs aren’t being wasted,” said Sohler.

Many Siouxlanders are also learning how to properly butcher local hogs.

“We have sold somewhere in the neighborhood of 140, 150 head this way and they have gone out to 30, 40 different places. We have had calls as far away as the Pine Ridge in South Dakota,” said Sohler.

Each hog selling at $100, which is giving many people the ability to lend a helping hand to others.

“It just creates the possibility for more people to do more good things for the people around them. It’s honestly, in its own small way, helped bring the community closer together,” said Sohler.

Sohler said he plans to continue to work with producers after COVID-19 to continue to sell hogs to the community.

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