SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — A man accused of being involved with the murder of a Sioux City man was arrested on Tuesday.  

According to court documents, on the night of July 3, a woman was at the Esquire Club in Sioux City when Jordan Hills, 18, ran up to her and began yelling at her. The documents indicated the woman believed that Hills would assault her until another woman stepped between them and made Hills leave.

On August 22, the woman posted on social media about having lunch at La Juanita’s, and when she went to leave, she saw Hills waiting in a car outside. The documents indicated she didn’t feel safe leaving the restaurant until Hills was gone.  

On September 11, she posted on social media that she was at a party at a Sioux City residence, and when she went to leave, Hills was waiting in a car outside again. Documents indicated she didn’t feel safe to leave until Hills had left.

Hills has been accused of simple assault for intentionally making the woman fearful of being harmed on July 3, according to the court documents. Hills has also been accused of third-degree harassment for making contact with the woman in order to threaten, intimidate, or alarm the woman from July 3 to September 11.

According to court documents, Hills is accused of being at Uncle Dave’s Bar with Lawrence Canady when Hills began yelling at the woman. Canady is accused of assaulting the woman in order to draw out Martez Harrison, 22, of Sioux City from the bar. After Harrison came out of Uncle Dave’s, Canady shot him. Documents indicated Hills and Canady left the scene after the shooting.

A jury selection for Canady’s trial began on Tuesday.