SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – An Estherville man was charged with attempted murder after allegedly threatening to kill and assaulting a woman in front of her child. Officials indicated that he put the child at “substantial risk or harm.”  

According to complaint documents filed by the Estherville Police Department, Joseph Myers, 42, of Estherville, was arrested on Wednesday after officials conducted a domestic violence investigation.  

The documents stated that just after midnight, Myers allegedly told a woman that he would stab her in the throat, leaving the woman’s child without a mother. He also stated that he would kill himself afterward.  

Myers was also accused of repeatedly hitting the woman in the face, arm, and head until she was nearly unconscious, and in the presence of a child. The assault allegedly resulted in substantial injuries that required medical treatment.  

After assaulting her, he refused to allow her and the child to leave, then went into the bedroom where he kept his knives. After learning that officers had arrived at the residence, he went downstairs, and the woman told officials that she believed he would have killed her if they hadn’t arrived.  

The documents stated that he also assaulted and caused injuries to multiple officers in the presence of the woman’s child. Myers reportedly resisted arrest and threatened to shoot and kill one of the officers. He was additionally accused of swinging an open beer can at an officer while charging after him. 

He was charged with attempted murder, willful injury, domestic abuse assault, child endangerment, two counts of assaulting an officer with injury, first-degree harassment, two counts of false imprisonment, and interference with official acts. His bond was set at $150,000.