SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — A man was arrested for assaulting an inmate at the Woodbury County Jail.

Court documents stated that Dustin Allen Dimmick, 32, was arrested on a warrant for willful injury, a class D felony, on December 20.

The victim said that he was working out in his cell block when he was assaulted by Dimmick and another man. The other man and Dimmick were incarcerated inside the same cell block.

The court documents go on to elaborate that the other man started to punch the victim, and after the third punch, they fell to the ground. He continued to assault the victim with full kicks to the body, and Dimmick joined the assault. When the victim attempted to get up, they were thrown onto a set of cement stairs.

The assault lasted around a minute. During the assault, they called the victim of names.

According to the documents, the victim was left with contusions all over his head and body, scrape marks all over his chest, side and back. His hands were swollen and bruised. He also had a cut lip, cuts on his face, and a bloody nose. After being taken to the hospital, staff said the victim had a concussion, some contusions, and loose teeth.

Dimmick has prior felony convictions from South Dakota. One is first-degree vandalism-intentional damage and the other is possession of a controlled substance.