NORFOLK, Neb. (KCAU) — A man was accused of backing into a lawn after a Norfolk police officer attempted to identify him.  

According to a release from the Norfolk Police Division, Thomas Brizendine, 38, was arrested after Norfolk Police received a report of a disturbance in the front parking lot of the Police Division building.  

A responding officer saw a man, later identified as Brizendine, walking from a vehicle with a female inside to the truck that was parked behind hers. The officer walked up to Brizendine to try and identify him, but the documents stated that he was uncooperative.  

After attempting to identify Brizendine, he allegedly put the vehicle in reverse and began to back away from the officer. Despite the officers’ commands to stop, the release stated Brizendine continued to increase speed and eventually backed over a curb onto a lawn before driving south on South 7th Street. 

According to the release, Brizendine was driving on the wrong side of the street when he ran a red light at 7th and Norfolk Avenue. Other patrol officers found him by 13th Street and Michigan Avenue.  

Officers spoke with the woman from the other car who allegedly stated that she had seen Brizendine parked near her home, which made her uncomfortable with going home. She stated she knew him and began driving to the police station. Brizendine allegedly followed her and attempted to speak with her in the parking lot.  

Brizendine’s vehicle was searched, and officers were able to find a machete with a 14-inch blade. He allegedly has previous felony convictions which prohibit him from possessing deadly weapons.  

Brizendine was charged with possession of a deadly weapon by a prohibited person, obstructing a police officer, reckless driving, and driving under a suspended license. He was booked into the Norfolk City Jail before being transferred to the Madison County Jail.