Malls busy with post-Christmas returns

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The day after Christmas is one of the busiest retail days of the year. Not for shopping, but mainly returning those not-so-perfect gifts. 

Southern Hills Mall had a full crowd. 

First, you receive. Then, in some cases, you return. Wednesday was that day at stores across Siouxland. 

“We got here pretty early and the mall was pretty quiet, we had one return and since we got here, now the mall is really filling up a lot more,” said one Siouxland shopper Maria Kruse.

Retailers call it the “Black Friday” of returns since it is a difficult day for store employees. 

Abbey Johnston grew up in Sioux City and works at a retail store. 

“The main thing is to be nice to the retail workers. Sometimes their cash registers aren’t working as planned. Be patient. If it’s not within their return policy it’s not their fault; they are doing their job. Just be kind,” said Johnston. 

Jailen Hasen accompanied his friends to the mall. 

“We’re returning some stuff; they have some stuff. I’m not returning anything, but we came here for that pretty much,” said Hasen. 

There are all sorts of reasons to return a gift, maybe the toy doesn’t work, the clothes don’t fit or it’s just not your thing.

“I received a black Patagonia vest, and it was just too small, so I wanted to get in early and get the right size,” said Kruse. 

Most gifts are returnable, but if you have one that’s not, there’s always the option of donating it to a local shelter or charity. 

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