SIOUX CITY, IOWA (KCAU) – Local Magician Corey Fravel dazzled spectators with his sleight of hand and slapstick comedy at the Betty Strong Encounter Center.

Fravel started practicing magic back when he was eight years old. Twenty-one years later, he still loves to go around and show off his range of skills. He said he loves to leave the audience in awe after every trick.

“You see like all the stages of amazement happening at once. The amazement, the thinking back, the not angry but how does that happen you know, and then the laughter at the end of it of just come on, how does that happen? So it’s cool to see that they go through all those stages really quick and see it happening,” Fravel said.

We spoke with one spectator afterward who told us that while some of the tricks were obvious, some make him want to learn more.

“I kind of knew some of the tricks that he did, but also some I didn’t know so that like yeah I just thought….how? And I just wanted to know,” said spectator Noah Davis.

After the show, Corey spent time signing autographs and talking to fans.