MADISON, Nebraska (KCAU) — A Madison County man who had been released on bond was arrested less than 12 hours later.

Kelly Red Tomahawk, 37, was arrested on Thursday less than 12 hours after being released on bond for charges related to witness tampering and terroristic threats, according to the Madison County Sheriff’s Office.

The Sheriff’s Office said that Red Tomahawk was released after his bond Thursday morning had been reduced so he could attend drug and alcohol treatment. One of the bond conditions was that he could not contact the victim connected to his arrest.

A little more than an hour after his release, Red Tomahawk allegedly reached out to the victim via telephone, violating the bond condition.

After an investigation, the Sheriff’s Office said that they were able to obtain a recorded copy of the conversation, and Red Tomahawk was arrested on a warrant.

Red Tomahawk was originally arrested back in May after he had allegedly threatened to detonate a stick of dynamite while being in a car with two women.