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Des Moines, IA (ABC5 News) There’s a chance a ‘Stand Your Ground’ law might be coming to Iowa. 

Bills were introduced in the Iowa House of Representatives and Iowa Senate this week, with one group passionately pushing it to become law. 

‘Stand Your Ground’ has been a mission for a group called Iowa Gun Owners for several years. It’s the second time the bill has been introduced at the Statehouse, but they believe this year it will be successful. 

Currently in Iowa, if a person is attacked in public the law requires they must first try to flee the attacker before fighting back in self-defense. It’s a law that Aaron Dorr, Director of the Iowa Gun Owners says just isn’t enough protection for Iowans. 

“In a situation like that, a citizen shouldn’t worry if they retreated far enough or fast enough,” said Dorr. 

In 2012 in West Des Moines, a man named Jay Rodney Lewis had a concealed weapons permit and was forced to fire at a man attacking him in a road rage incident. He was prosecuted for intimidation with a dangerous weapon and spent 112 days in jail, but when a jury listened to his 911 call of the incident on trial, he was quickly acquitted of all charges. 

Republican Senator Rick Bertrand from Sioux City is sponsoring the bill in the Senate. 

“We’re in a changing world, there are people out there that want to hurt us,” said Bertrand. “This is not a radical idea to protect yourself, stand your ground as if it was in your own home.” 

The law would only apply to citizens with concealed weapons permits.

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