SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — The Assorted Parts Quartet has been around more than 40 years, spreading joy through music. 

With a lovely melody, a flower and some chocolate, they surprised nearly a dozen people on Valentine’s Day this year. Nancy Mullally was one of them. 

“I’ve known one of their founders for a number of years working with them with the Action Club and this was truly truly a surprise, my first Valentine’s wish of the day,” she said.

The quartet is part of the Siouxland Discovery Chorus, and members have performed since 1978. They sang for Tami Daane at Perry Creek Elementary School.

Daane said she enjoyed the performance so much that she decided to share a second performance with her class.

“I loved it. My husband was in barbershop when we first met, and it was really fun because I pushed in my first grade classroom, so they all got to come down and hear them and they were so excited,” she said. “They loved it.”  

Paul Roberts has been a member of the Assorted Parts Quartet for 32 years. The group performs on a variety of holidays, but Roberts said Valentine’s Day is especially a unique opportunity to spread love and joy.

“Valentine’s Day is special because it’s a holiday, not like a major holiday, so it sneaks up on you,” he said. “So ,it just makes it that much more impressionable because people don’t expect it.”