A peaceful protest over the Bakken Pipeline turned violent in North Dakota this weekend when protestors were attacked with pepper spray and dogs. 

“There was a woman who was yelling throughout the camp saying ‘we need warriors at the front line! We need warriors up there’,” says Michelle Lamere, protest organizer. 

Protestors were standing at the fence line of one of the pipeline construction points and say violence broke out when bulldozers that were breaking into land wouldn’t stop coming towards them.
“There were a lot of people there but nobody had weapons. Nobody instigated any type of violence,” says Lamere. 
Many of the protestors say they are simply fighting for all people’s right to access uncontaminated water along the Missouri River and being pepper sprayed took it too far. 
“We’re doing a good thing and people are against us and I don’t understand why,” says Christina Parker, a protestor. “They had dogs that were violent against the peaceful protestors and there was mace used and that was very uncalled for.”
One of the protestors even gave us her personal experience of the violence. She’s a college student, was pepper sprayed and she’s pregnant.
“I confronted the man that pepper sprayed me and I said, ‘Did you know you just pepper sprayed a pregnant woman?’,” says Trisha Etringer of the Winnebago tribe. “In the native culture, the pregnant women are held sacred, so to do that against our women and to a woman that is pregnant, that should tell you what kind of character they have. I am a mother. I am protecting another mother. I am fighting for another mother and her children and that’s mother earth.” 
Despite the violence, the protestors say they are going to continue to stand their ground, even if the federal government approves plans to move forward with construction of the pipeline.
The video used is courtesy of Democracy Now! For more information and videos of the protest, you can visit their website at http://www.democracynow.org.