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Randy Ehlers, executive director of Siouxland PACE said, “PACE is a wonderful community resource. We help families give care to their loved ones who are elderly and we work as a team to make sure people are safe and healthy in the community.”

Siouxland’s PACE stand’s for ‘Program of All inclusive Care of Elderly’. From home health to rehabilitation, the PACE team provides a full range of resources to those in need.

Ehlers said, “We hear from families all the time of the value that our staff and services provides to families in order to keep their loved ones living at home safe and independent as apposed to living in a nursing home.”

10 year’s ago PACE started off providing assistance to just 5 patients. Now, they assist 190 patients across Siouxland.

Helping families like Rosemary McKinley’s, who’s been a care giver for her husband for over 9 years. She says, pace has changed both their lives for the better.

McKinley says, “It’s just the best feeling to know that theirs this team of people who are there, if I need them I can call, if I need someone to talk to and just cry on someone’s shoulder, there’s someone that will listen. They really build you up as a care giver and make you feel like you’re doing a good job.”

But above all the services PACE provides, nothing compares to the peace of mind they’re able to give back to their patients.

McKinley said, “I think the biggest change for the better is you’re not alone. You always have someone that you can turn to for help. In the event of an emergency or even something little, you call them up and they help you deal.”

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