SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — As people shop online for holiday gifts, the Sioux City Police Department warns Siouxlanders that packages can end up in the wrong hands.

Community policing Sergeant Jeremy McClure said the police department has already reported eight cases of package theft. McClure said having a video camera near your door can help law enforcement crackdown on package thieves.

“Recently, we arrested an individual that had stolen a package off a porch from the Morningside area, and luckily someone had some good video doorbell camera footage of it,” McClure said. “That helped us connect him to that crime and also an additional crime that had occurred in that area.”

McClure said the holiday season and the increase of online shopping creates an opportunistic environment for thieves.

“More people are getting deliveries and it’s pretty easy to follow a lot of these delivery trucks around or see where they’ve been,” McClure said. “In addition to that, it’s not very hard just to drive up and down the streets and see packages sitting on front porches.”

He suggests Siouxlanders closely watch their tracking numbers so they know when their packages will arrive. People can also consider sending packages to their work or some other place with people around to watch for it.