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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – Health care workers are on the front lines battling COVID-19 around the U.S. In Siouxland, nursing students are adjusting to a new normal as they prepare to enter the workforce.

“Nursing just kind of stuck out to me because it’s hands-on with patients and you develop a relationship with them,” said Danielle Ullmann, a senior nursing student at Briar Cliff.

Ullman is adjusting to a new normal, as she is no longer able to walk into a classroom for a lesson.

“It’s just different not having a hands-on feel because I think you learn different from a hands-on feel. But even with the transition online, our teachers have done a wonderful job of making sure our experiences are the best they can be,” said Ullman.

Her instructor Cathy Grimsley, the pre-licensing nursing program director at Briar Cliff University, says she is doing her best to stay involved with her students while turning to virtual learning.

“So they are still able to take that knowledge and apply it to a virtual patient or a virtual situation we do. It’s not always the same, but we’re still grateful to have time with them to make sure they get where they need to be,” said Grimsley.

Grimsley is taking the current pandemic that health care workers are going through and turning it into a learning lesson for her students.

“Really looking at infection control, also talking about advocating so the students are aware of being self-advocates for the nursing profession, to understand, to have safe working environments and to have the protection they need,” said Grimsley.

For Ullman she says her next steps are to pass her classes and board exam. She will then be ready to take on her role in her home town’s labor and delivery department as a nurse.

“Senior year has been a big challenge to overcome transitions, but at the end of the day being on the front lines and being able to help hands-on has helped prepare me,” said Ullman.

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