(KCAU) — If you see it, buy it. That’s the advice some local liquor store managers have for consumers. Bill Henry with Callahan’s Liquor Store said the shortage has impacted a variety of products.

“We’ve run into problems with that through Anheuser-Busch and other companies,” Henry said. “It even runs into the regular liquor that we order.”

Tom Hudson is the owner of Beer on Floyd. He said he constantly updates his inventory to stay ahead of the shortages.

“You’re trying different brands,” Hudson said. “You might have one brand one week and you sell out and you can’t get it, so you replace it with something. So, it’s always on the search just to keep your shelves looking full and offering something to the customers.”

Skyler Sims is the manager of Downtown Liquor. He said the shortages are frustrating, but local support helps him get through this tough time.

“For us being a local business and that being a real big basis for us here at Downtown Liquor, it’s been so awesome even through the global pandemic that people were still willing to come to us locally over your bigger name brand stores,” Sims said.

Sims said while getting glass and cans is a long process, he has not had to change his prices.