SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCUA) — The sound of bagpipes filled the City Council chambers Monday.

11 people from the Sioux City Police Department, Woodbury County Sheriff’s Office, and the FBI lost have their lives in the line of duty over the years and those lives and the thousands of law enforcement nationwide were both honored and remembered.

As of Monday, 105 officers have lost their lives nationwide in 2022.

“The purpose here today is to honor their sacrifice, show respect to the family members, to those affected by it and that’s why we’re here. We want to honor that sacrifice,” said Chad Sheehan. “It’s something we all know can happen, but as I tell people, most law enforcement officers I know, it’s not something that you really worry about, but you know in the back of your mind that it could happen,”

The Sioux City Police Department followed up the vent with their annual award ceremony honoring those currently serving Woodbury County.

A list of awards and recipients can be found below:

  • Lifesaving – Officer Brooke Davies & Officer Brent Heald
  • Lifesaving – Officer Donald Schroeder & Officer Mike Simons
  • Lifesaving – Jeremy McClure, Officer Josh Fleckenstein & Officer Mackenzie Neely
  • Lifesaving – Officer Mackenzie Neely & Officer Lucas Petersen
  • Lifesaving – Officer Casey McBride
  • Community Policing – Officer Mike Koehler
  • Community Policing – Lt. Judy Kellen, Officer Ryan Moritz & Marie Divis
  • Chief’s Appreciation – Gary Niles
  • Chief’s Appreciation – Kevin Sampson
  • Chief’s Appreciation – Dr. Ryan Meis
  • Achievement – Capt. Mark Kirkpatrick, Lt. Kevin Heineman, Sgt. Jay Hoogendyk & Officer Marc Hein
  • Chief’s Commendation – Judy Kellen & Chris Groves
  • Chief’s Commendation – Jerry Levay
  • Chief’s Citation – Richard Crosby
  • Chief’s Citation – Forde Fairchild
  • Civilian of the Year – Sarah Hadden
  • Officer of the Year – Detective Josh Tyler