Local hunters note struggle to prepare for upcoming hunting season due to ammo shortage

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ELK POINT, S.D. (KCAU) – Some Siouxlanders are gearing up for the upcoming hunting season, but the ongoing ammo shortage is making preparations difficult.

According to the FBI, more than 27 million guns have been purchased so far in 2021. Making worse a shortage that began before the pandemic.

Steve Lange is a manager at Missouri River Outdoors. He said buying shotgun shells this year for pheasant hunting comes at a steeper price.

“Now in a typical year, I would make one phone call and I would have my year supply of shells. This year, on top of paying two and a half, three and a half, four times the normal price, we buy our shells a case here and two cases there,” said Lange.

Lange said he personally feels lucky to be prepared for this years hunting season.

“We have been able to secure our shells, but at great cost and a lot more effort than normal,” said Lange.

Tim Grover is the owner of Rev-Tac. He says he’s noticed local businesses affected by the shortage.

“We do a lot of partnership with Scheels and it’s scary when a big company like that can’t even get normal ammo. Many of the factors is simply the fear, right. And fear started this process with COVID, fear of getting COVID, so I’m not coming to work, and so now we’ve got manufacturing issues. And then the other part of that is fear that there’s not going to be ammo so people are not generally buying one or two boxes, they’re buying thousands and thousands of rounds at a time,” said Tim Grover.

However, Grover urges gun owners to only buy what they need and sell or donate their overstock to hunters without.

“Well, as the gun community, we’ve got to stick together. So if you got rounds that you are not using or utilizing anymore, let somebody know so they can pick up those rounds,” said Grover.

Pheasant hunting is just the beginning of a long hunting season in Siouxland. Experts say to check local wildlife management agency for key dates and licensing information.

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