EDITOR’S NOTE: The school name has been corrected to say Buena Vista University. We regret the error.

STORM LAKE, Iowa (KCAU) – The Siouxland area will be under an excessive heat warning until Wednesday night, but local high school and college sports roll on.

“You can definitely feel it when you’re not hydrated,” Buena Vista University Senior Safety Trey Ortman said.

“One of the biggest things, I mean, is to drink water. Drink water is like the biggest thing you can do,” Buena Vista University Junior Running Back and Wide Receiver Eman Alaniz said.

Buena Vista Football is preparing for a new season while making sure the heat doesn’t negatively impact the players. The associate athletic trainer says the team isn’t only monitoring how hot it gets on the field.

“A big thing that I like to do is adding a little bit of extra salt to your food for whatever it may be. It may be a little bit on a salad, but it isn’t like a crazy amount. Just a pinch here or there, but also it’s preseason. Eat your fries. They got the carbs that you need,” Buena Vista University Associate Athletic Trainer Christopher Moore said.

Increasing salt in your diet means more water for your body’s cells decreasing the chance of dehydration. The Buena Vista University coaching staff is taking additional steps to make sure everyone stays cool.

“We keep the ice baths inside, we do have a dunk tank out here with ice if needed. We do have some Pedialyte popsicles for those who need to cool down. Pushing Gatorade, making sure everyone gets the water they absolutely need. And then walking around with ice towels too to make sure we keep them as cool as possible,” Moore said.

Hydration is key in athletics, especially in the heat. But the preparation for those grueling practice days begins way before lacing up cleats.

“The biggest thing is not only getting hydrated before practice. It’s getting hydrated that week of, you know, leading up to days of. Not just the night before, but they’ve encouraged that quite well,” Alaniz said.

To help mitigate the effects of the heat, Buena Vista Football’s practice ended 20 minutes early and also had frequent water breaks.