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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – Virtual care is now becoming a new reality for doctors and nurses as they implement social distancing.

“We have patients everyday that we connect with just like this,” said Michelle Daffer, M.D. a
Dermatologist at Midlands Clinic.

Daffer uses software similar to FaceTime that allows her to see her patients in real time. 

“Rather than just do it from a telephone call because it’s very difficult when they say, ‘Oh, I have something, and it looks bad.’ And we look at it, and it’s something normal and it’s ‘Okay, that can wait a little bit,'” said Daffer.

Technology is able to keep patients at a healthy distancing inside their homes to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Siouxland.

“In the future, now that they see it working and in place, it may become more mainstream, and we can do it more often,” said Daffer.

“They feel more comfortable. They feel safer. They don’t have to have any interaction with anyone but their family members,” said Kim Stowe, a family nurse practitioner at Siouxland MercyOne Health Center.

Stowe says she has already heard positive feedback from patients as they communicate through a telehealth system. 

“People are really really liking this telemedicine. Like I said, they are in the comfort of their own home or workplace, and you still have that medical health with your provider,” said Stowe.

It’s a new reality for health care workers that still allows them to bring in clients. However, there are others clinics around the U.S. that may still fall short. 

“For our clinic, I think we will do well. And in the future, we will do fine but there are some clinics and practices across the country that may never recover from this,” said Daffer.

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