Local gun shop owner reacts to move to ban bump stocks

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A new ban from the Trump administration is getting some backlash from local gun owners.

The Trump administration rolled out a ban on bump stocks Tuesday.

The devices make it easier to fire rounds from a semi-automatic weapon by harnessing the gun’s recoil to “bump” the trigger faster.

Those who have them will have 90 days to turn in or destroy them from the date the final rule is published in the Federal Register. That will likely be this Friday.

Chase Cejka, the owner of local gun shop American Brothers in Arms, said lawmakers are just ill-informed and don’t fully understand how they work. 

“Really, I think it was a lack of education on the bump stock and how it works, on probably the lawmakers’ side in our opinion. They see one person using it with ill-intent and they went ahead and banned them for everybody. There’s a lot of things on this planet that people use which they weren’t intended for and they don’t just swoop in and take them from you,” said Cejka. 

Bump stocks gained national attention last year after a gunman in Las Vegas rigged his weapons with the devices to fire on concert-goers. He killed 58 people. 

The final rule can be read by clicking here.

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