Local foundry tries to get younger work force on board

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“Manufacturing is one of the major organs of what keeps the country going…and without it, we’re nothing” says Andy Galinsky, CEO, Sioux City Foundry Co.
Tyson has food processing, Saber constructs cell phone towers, and the Sioux City Foundry creates cast iron and different types of metal.
The manufacturing industry is a large part of Siouxland, and Tuesday folks at the foundry got together to show off what they do to encourage more young workers to join the industry.
“We make kits for contractors, both building contractors, steel kits for steel buildings. We make rebar kits for roads, bridges and highways” says Andy Galinsky, CEO, Sioux City Foundry Co.
“We do something different everyday….you don’t know what’s going to happen when you get to work that day” says Mike Cheever, Sales Manager, Metal Casting Division at the South Sioux City Plant for the foundry.
Frying pans, wheel hubs, and bear trap jaws are just some of the things you can make with the metal made in Sioux City.
But for CEO Andy Galinsky, manufacturing is more than just his own metal shop, it’s the industry that keeps this country going.
“If you buy anything, use anything, do anything it’s usually something that’s been manufactured” says Andy Galinsky, CEO, Sioux City Foundry Co. “If everything was manufactured abroad you’d be paying other people and other countries to make it. You’d be paying shipping fees and you would have the United States as just a service industry.”

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