Local firework businesses expect boom in demand towards July 4

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NORTH SIOUX CITY, S.D. (KCAU) — The Fourth of July is getting closer and while businesses saw a spark in sales last year, some businesses anticipate and even biggest boost this year. But, it’s important to stay safe if you’re setting off dazzling displays.

With most pandemic restrictions a thing of the past, local shops expect 2021 to be a blast for the firework industry.

“I think we went a little over budget but I don’t know, we just got a little carried away but it’s alright, it’s a fun thing to do as a family. Yeah, our cousins are coming up like a lot more than usual, so we’re kinda going all out for them,” said Miya and Dennis Anderson.

Don Lantis is the owner of Lantis Fireworks. He said customers have a variety of pyrotechnics to choose from this year.

“As far as items, we’ll still have hundreds of items. There might, like, I don’t know, I was thinking I was going to be out of poopy puppies but I even found those. Last year was a tremendous year. This year is also going to also be a good year because first of all, it’s in the weekend and second of all, people have that money, that stimulus money and they’re still coming in to get it,” said Don Lantis, the owner of Lantis Fireworks.

However, with nearly 40 percent of Iowa experiencing severe drought conditions and other parts of the tri-state area seeing the same, it’s important to prevent fires.

“Read and follow labels and directions on them. Check the safety warnings on them, follow them. With the dry conditions we have this year, we strongly encourage to make sure the area is watered down or you keep track of where the sparks and the fireworks go to,” said Scott Kovarna, the Sioux City Deputy Fire Marshall.

According to the American Pyrotechnic Association, around 400 million lbs. of fireworks were bought in 2020.

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