SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Local firefighters are on high alert knowing fast action is required if a grass fire were to break out in Siouxland.

With warmer weather and the snow melting, rural fire departments have been busy battling grass fires over the last couple of weeks.

KCAU 9 check in with Sergeant Bluff’s Fire Chief, who said the wind makes it difficult to contain grass fires and they can become a threat with only the spark of an ember.

“But it’s not worth your health and safety, it’s not worth loss of property and it’s not worth someone else’s, someone else getting injured or their life being affected,” said Chief Anthony Gaul with Sergeant Bluff Fire and Rescue, “Some of these fires that we’ve had in the area have went outside of people’s property and if they do go outside of your property and you set it, you can be responsible.”

Chief Gaul added that even when conditions allow for burning, a person shouldn’t leave it unattended and make sure to have the means to immediately put out the fire should it start to spread.