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Siouxland concert security assessed in wake of Vegas

SIOUX CITY, Iowa - In the wake of the Las Vegas shooting, we met with folks around Sioux City and asked specifically about concert security -- and if anything will change following this event. Anytime an event is going on where there's a large number of people at a gathering, Sioux City does prepare for it and provides as much security as possible.

"In Sioux City we have Saturday in the park -- which is 30, 40,000 people at a time. We have awesome biker nights -- again 30 or 40,000 people at those venues. So over the years we have a pretty cool protocol on how to handle big events like that," says Sgt. Steve TenNapel.

Seargent Steve TenNapel explains the difference in danger between our city size and a city size such as Las Vegas. 

"Typically a biggest threat for anybody at a concert here are drunk drivers or people who have had too much to drink at the events. Typically we don't see anything nearly as threatening that happened in las vegas. Mostly just people who have had too much to drink," says TenNapel.

The good news is conversations regarding safety have been on the table for a while, and steps have been taken to maximize safety for Siouxland concert-goers.

"We have walk through metal detectors that are on purchase right now for us -- I think that purchase goes to council within the next couple weeks and then we can move ahead with buying the actual metal detectors and having them on site. We'll have a handful of them at the orpheum, and then the rest will go to the tyson and we'll be able to use those whenever we need to," says Erika Newton.

"Even if something would happen in Sioux City -- some type of tragedy -- we've trained with the fire department, we've trained with the rescue task force model that the fire department and EMS works on closely with us," says TenNapel.

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