SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – On Sunday a local family is still recovering after their son survived an attempted kidnapping.

“You just feel like all your safe feeling for your kid just gets taken away and you feel powerless and that is not just something somebody can give you back,” said Tonya LeGore one of the parents.

On March 22nd the LeGores family suffered a parent’s greatest fear. Their children almost being taken from them. A 9-year-old boy and 14-year-old girl surviving an attempted kidnapping. Thankfully they were both able to escape, but the trauma remains.

“The family was basically in shock and after that shock wore off it was fear and panic and anger and worry,” said Tonya. 

As the LeGores tried getting back to regular life, four strangers took it upon themselves to help.

“Kidnappings every parent’s worst nightmare you know and it’s right there in your home town and then you have for us these four angels come and bless our family in so many different ways,” said Tonya.

Lisa Beaver gave gifts to the boy and told him he is a hero, helping to change his perspective on the situation.

 “Boy he just shined he shined and I think that was the first time we really saw him simile after it happened,” said Tonya. 

Pam Ingram and Shawn Rassmessen have been offering in-home therapy for the whole family to help them recover from the trauma.

Ryan Johnson gifted them strength, a local martial arts owner giving the family free lessons.

“When someone is physically attached wither it is a kid or adult it makes you feel powerless and for kids, it takes away some of their innocence when that happens. For us to be able to say these are some things that you could do these are some tactics or strategies that you could use just gives them a little bit of that power back,” said Ryan Johnson the owner of ATA Johnson Martial Arts.

 “It was a combination of all four of those people that did it for us and for them,” said Tonya.

The family says the son is still struggling with falling asleep but he is on the right track to recovery.