Little Pour on the Prairie returns for the 8th year

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VERMILLION, SD (KCAU) — Artists from all over the nation gathered at Chris Meyer’s farm in South Dakota Saturday for a public iron pour, an idea Meyers says came to him after attending a cast iron conference with his students.

“When we got back we decided we were going to build a furnace and do this ourselves,” Meyer said.

Now it’s been eight years of enjoying Meyer’s creation he named ”The Little Pour on the Prairie.’

Meyer says though the process and finished products are beautiful, preparation requires lots of labor, from breaking iron to transporting raw materials to Meyers’ farm.

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“You don’t do this kind of thing to make any money or anything like that, you do it for the enjoyment of doing it,” Meyer said.

“I was craving it. I was going crazy in my full-time job and I was like, I just need to break some stuff and melt some things and create,” Meyer’s past student, Rachel Robinson said.

Each piece of art sprawled across Meyer’s 14-acre farm has a role in the pour.

“Sometimes you get an object out of these things as well, but a lot of times it’s for the spectacle. Kind of an ephemeral moment, which is nice because you can’t own that.”

But the tight-knit community of artists says it’s not just the beauty in creating art, but the people you get to create with.

“I’m really happy, I’m seeing people I haven’t seen in so long, you become a little community family and we get to know each other really well.”

“I consider this to be some of my family you know so it’s great having people come.”

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