Lightning strikes tree in Jefferson, South Dakota

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Dawn Heaton says she had just trimmed the branches on the tree in her front yard, and then it was struck by lighting.

Bark was entirely stripped and her tree is looking a little bare. The lightning strike was so powerful that some of the bark flew dozens of feet away, dispersed across her yard.

She says she’s fortunate no one was around at the time.

“We had been out working in the yard, and I went in the house and I was downstairs doing some Easter stuff and all of a sudden I heard a big bang. Last year, something got hit by lightening on our property so I thought, ‘I think we got hit by lightening again.’ And I walk outside and our poor tree is shredded,” says Dawn Heaton, Jefferson resident. 

Heaton says she’s just lucky none of her family members were working outside in that spot at the time. She will probably end up spending some of her Easter weekend cleaning up the debris in her yard. 

If you hear thunder roar, that means lightning is close-by! Here are some safety tips:

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