SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU)– Roughly 40 people of all ages gathered at the Sioux City Public Library to learn about Lakota culture from hoop dancing.

Starr Chief Eagle is an American Indian culture interpreter representing the Lakota Sioux people. During her dance she told a personal story about herself growing up all while continuously gathering 22 hoops to add to her dance, showing her growth in the form of interpretive dance.

This is all part of the public library’s reading initiative, where the public can gather once a month to read. This year’s book was ‘Calling for a Blanket Dance’ by Oscar Hokeah.

“This is one a few programs where we’ve really been able to tie in some local or semi-local native folks to share their culture and their life experiences with us,” said Michael Maxwell, reader services librarian with the Sioux City Public Library.

Michael Maxwell says while the reading for ‘Calling for a Blanket Dance’ has ended, Siouxlanders can vote for the next book to read sometime in July or August of this year.