LE MARS, Iowa (KCAU) — It took a community effort to locate an armed robbery suspect in Le Mars.

The Le Mars Assistant Police Chief is praising the community for their efforts to locate Sunday’s armed robbery suspect that they believe robbed the Brew on Plymouth Street.

Officers in Le Mars were able to locate the 16-year-old suspect with help from social media, phone tips, and access to home camera footage.

“We put it out on social media and right away we started getting a few tips here and there,” Assistant Police Chief Justin Daale said. “You know, some were credible tips, but you know without the help of the community, you know, cases like this anywhere just we need the community’s help to solve the cases.”

Daale also said that if you find yourself in a situation where an armed robbery is happening, there are important steps you can take to keep yourself safe and assist authorities with their investigation.

“Most importantly is you want to stay calm,” Daale said. “We suggest that if you could get more details, you know, what was he wearing, what was the person wearing, you know. Anything about the voice, any descriptors that would help law enforcement, you know, maybe come up with a suspect. So I know we all want to do something in a situation like that, but I think the best thing you can do is stay calm, get as much detail as you can, and let law enforcement know as soon as possible.”

Daale said he understands people want to play the hero in armed situations, however, that only makes the situation more difficult to manage.