LE MARS, Iowa (KCAU) — The first Plymouth County animal rescue is set to open their doors Saturday after years of anticipation.

In 2019, the president of Wet-Nose Rescue, Angel Anderson, set her sights on being the first animal rescue in the county.

“All that Plymouth County action that we had was all going to Woodbury County, and Woodbury County the animal control is full, Noah’s Hope is full, and Siouxland Humane Society. It made sense to have one of our own, to be able to support our own animals,” said Anderson.

Wet-Nose Rescue’s newly renovated 3,000 square foot facility will help the rescue take in animals from the county’s 11 cities and all the rural areas in between.

“It’s all volunteer driven, there are no paid positions right now and we just have to keep relying on them,” said Anderson.

Currently, Wet-Nose Rescue has roughly 20 cats and four dogs all waiting for a good loving home.

“We can do up to 10 dogs and up to 50 cats and that will change. We work with the state and how many we can do. If we feel like we need to have more, we can make more room then we go from there. we talk to them about that,” said Anderson.

As Wet-Nose Rescue gets ready for the opening weekend, Anderson said the community has been awaiting the day for years.

“It’s pretty exciting going into the opening day. What my focus is mainly is the animals, and the animal care, and making sure they’re happy. That’s my goal, everybody else they can welcome the community and I’ll be running around doing animal care,” said Anderson.

Wet-Nose Rescue is set to open Saturday with an open house at 3 p.m. They’re in need of volunteers and are currently looking for foster homes.