LAWTON, Iowa (KCAU) – Some folks are already getting in the mood for Superbowl Sunday, including a Lawton man who created a snowman to look like Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

Raymond Thomas, the creator of the Chiefs lookalike told KCAU it took less than a day to create the snowman. Raymond used to work at KCAU as a Master Control Operator between 1978 and 1984. He says he created the snowman for his grandson.

“No I just decided to do it on a whim. I was sitting in the house and the weather got warmer today I thought well I’ll come outside and do it, and then I thought wait a minute, we’re a week out from the Superbowl, lets do a Patrick Mahomes theme, so that’s why I decided to do the 1-5 on the snowman,” Thomas said.