Students at Lawton-Bronson High School were back in the class Tuesday, a week after a fire in the building

The school was forced to close after a fire in one of the classrooms last Tuesday.

It started as an electrical fire at a computer pod and spread smoke throughout the hallways.

The fire was isolated to that room, but there was smoke damage in the rest of the building.

English teacher Carrie Rice said they never thought something like this would happen but that they were prepared.

“We have fire drills all the time, and you just get used to the idea that, we’re in a brick building, it’s not going to be a big issue. Then, all of a sudden, we started getting the word that we’re not going to have school, and we have a classroom that’s blackened and it got real serious real fast.”

The school was out when the fire happened, but there were some teachers still there.

Most of the high school is now reopen, except the gym, band and choir rooms. Those rooms are closest to where the fire started.